Hawaii Praying Mantis

Hawaii Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis can be found in many parts of Hawaii, from the seashore to nearly 7,000 feet up. It is not known if praying mantis were introduced purposefully or if they arrived accidentally. There are around 22,000 species of mantis in the world.

Preying Mantis ProfileThis mantis was found at sea level just after an early morning rain. It was about 6 inches long and a couple inches tall. Although it could have flown away, it instead slowly meandered off as mantis prefer to walk.

Mantis can be tricky to find, often blending in with palm trees, naupaka shrubs, and ohia trees. This one took the opportunity to present itself for the camera.

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8 comments on “Hawaii Praying Mantis

  1. I live on the mainland and my gran’son lives in Honolulu. I tried to send him a praying mantis…I was told it is not allowed by the agriculture dept. So I am looking for a pray mantis from Hawaii, that I can purchase, and send to him. My gran’son is 8 and loves to study, and draw insects. Can you put me in touch with someone on the island, to purchase one from? Thanks!

  2. Hi um my boyfriend went on a vacation in hawaii (honolulu) and he brought me back an adorable green mantis with two dots on each of his arms, he has two white markings on each sides of his wings and the sections on his tummy are pinkish andwe are just trying to figure out what species he might be >< his eyes have orange rings around them and huge black pupils ♥ and if anyone would like pictures I have plenty(: so if anyon can figure out what type of mantis we have than Id really appreciate it 🙂

  3. A large beautiful Mother Mantis visited out porch yesterday! She was very friendly and also very fat …She was completely green including her eyes except for some brownish stripes on her stomach at the rear….She played with me for a while and was very curious about my I-Phone…In the evening I put her on the screen and she climbed to the ceiling on the porch and sometime during the night she laid her egg sack…She stayed with the eggs until the shell hardened and then few into the woods! Now we are waiting for the babies to hatch! Very cool!