Hanauma Bay, Snorkelers Paradise

Hanauma Bay, Snorkelers Paradise

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve on Hawaii’s island of Oahu is a beginning snorkeler’s paradise. This well-protected bay boasts hundreds of tropical fish species, calm, clear waters and shallow depths allowing for great viewing.

So many people have come here for so long that the fish in this bay do not feel threatened by visitors, allowing for close up encounters. The bay was deemed a marine life conservation area in 1967 and has become more heavily managed each year since in an effort to protect the fish, corals, beach, and the bay itself.

Before modern times, the Hanauma was uninhabited for lack of fresh water. However, it was used as a recreation and fishing spot by King Kamehameha and Queen Ka’ahumanu, among other Ali’i (royalty).

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2 comments on “Hanauma Bay, Snorkelers Paradise

  1. yeah, the area is great for scuba and snorkel. I went there 2 years ago with my son and my wife and got great memories. Probably the best vacation ever. Or maybe is just we are living in a cold area (Canada)? It worth to mention, we got at the shore helped by some professional guides – Hanauma Bay Snorkeling who were not just funny and friendly but willing to help us especially with the scuba part, never did it before.
    Overal, great experience and amazing times! Hanauma Bay is the best!