Haleakala Maui Sunset

Haleakala Mountain Top Maui Sunset

At 10,023 feet high, sunset is brilliant from atop Maui island’s highest spot, shining on clouds below and reflecting off the Pacific ocean. This vantage is one of only a few in Hawaii where sunset watchers enjoy a view of the event above the clouds. Haleakala–Hawaiian for “house of the sun”–makes up nearly three-quarters of Maui island. It is an enormous shield volcano still considered to be active in geologic terms.

This picture was taken from the highest peak on Haleakala, Puʻu ʻUlaʻula, meaning “Red Hill.” Most of the top of Haleakala resides inside Haleakala National Park. The elevation, position on the Earth, and clarity around the mountain mean that this is an amazing place for stargazing after sunset. Just remember, at this height it is cold, even in Hawaii. Nighttime temperatures can get below freezing. In fact, Haleakala is one of only three places in Hawaii that receive snow, the others being Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the Big Island.

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