Eternity Beach, Halona Beach Cove, Oahu

Eternity Beach

Sometimes called “Eternity Beach” because of its connection to the movie From Here to Eternity, Halona Beach Cove shimmers with bright colors on Oahu’s southeastern shore. Here it is pictured during sunrise with an HDR treatment that makes the waves come alive and adds a motion to the scene.

This small, sandy beach requires a short hike down rocky sides but is nonetheless often filled with people. The high ridge on the right has been a favorite fishing spot for many over the years and earned the nickname “Bamboo Ridge” for all of the fishing poles visible above it throughout each day.

The cove is nice for swimming or snorkeling on calm days, while caution should be taken for strong currents just outside it.

From the Photographer:

“1st Sunrise of the Year (HDR), Happy New Year 2013!”

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