Kauai Beach Panoramic

E Komo Mai Kaua’i

Welcome to Kaua’i. Not everyone is greeted in Hawaii with an official “E komo mai,” but we think this beach on Kaua’i does a good enough job without words to make just about anyone feel right at home. It makes us feel right at home anyway, and we hope it does for you too.

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About Corrie Woods

We recently traveled from our hometown in western North Carolina to Hawaii to immerse ourselves in the Hawaiian ukulele culture. My husband builds custom ukulele and guitars and we attended the Ukulele Contest in Honolulu, the Ukulele Picnic and visited many ukulele builders. When we returned home I posted a bit of a travelogue for our readers entitled Ukuleles, Luthiers and the Aloha Spirit: http://lichtyguitars.com/2013/02/19/luthiers-ukuleles-and-the-aloha-spirit/.