Hawaii Honolulu Surfer, Bartlett

Duke Kahanamoku Surfing Honolulu, Bartlett

Duke Kahanamoku is remembered as one of Hawaii’s most famous surfers and statesmen. He was an Olympian, actor, and local legend with a great sense of humor and renown sportsmanship. His passions were as a waterman–swimming, surfing and canoeing. His record-breaking Olympic successes combined with his positive attitude helped to publicize the Hawaiian islands and make them a popular destination. There is a great write up on Kahanamoku with several article clippings from the time here.

Charles Bartlett is remembered as a famous painter, especially for his work in Japan. Mr. Bartlett was born in England, took up painting, and traveled Europe and Japan creating memorable works. On a trip home from Japan in 1917, Bartlett stopped in Hawaii to open a one-man show for a few weeks. Instead, he feel in love with the islands and made Hawaii his home until he died at age 79. You can see some more of his work here.

Bartlett painted action portraits of Duke Kahanamoku and other Honolulu residents in addition to Hawaii scenery. This 1918 painting is titled “Hawaii” by the US Library of congress, and shows a classic scene of Duke surfing a longboard somewhere near Honolulu, probably on Waikiki.

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