Dolphin Swim

Hawaii’s waters are filled with fun to watch, bigger animals like dolphins, sea turtles, and rays. Here, a pod of resting spinner dolphins glide effortlessly above the sandy surface of Prays Beach, Oahu.

Spinner dolphins in Hawaii frequent shallow, clear, sandy-bottomed bays like this one each morning to afternoon. The clear water and consistently-colored seafloor give them visibility of any threats, making it easier to rest. In that same line, the dolphins swim and breathe together in a pod to share look-out responsibilities and cut down on distractions.

From the Photographer:

“I took myself on A Date With Hawaii last night and woke up to go diving with this mermaid! We dove with Eagle Rays, Honu, and SO MANY DOLPHINS! Prays Beach, Oahu, after camping under the stars.”

It is illegal to swim “with” mammals in Hawaii (as elsewhere in the US) due to the Marine Mammals Protection Act and other regulations. However, it is common these curious creatures will cruise by swimmers, snorkelers, and divers of their own accord.

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