Antler Coral with Damsel Fish

Damsel Delight

A school of white-spot Damselfish (aka Hawaiian Dascyllus) hover around an outcrop of antler coral, one of their favorite places to find food and shelter, in the clear tropical waters of Maui. Nearly from birth, white-spot Damselfish in Hawaii seek out solitary coral heads like this one to provide their daily living. In other parts of the ocean, they opt for sheltering in sea anemones.

If a person is lucky, he can snorkel upon schools of tiny juvenile Damsels looping and pirouetting above their home spot in a mesmerizing dance. Young white-spots are about the size of a pencil eraser with one large white spot on each side.


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About Aaron Lynton

Aaron is a filmmaker and camera operator specializing in action-sports, documentaries, music videos, environmental (above and below water), and photography.