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Lahaina Harbor

Lahaina Harbor

Boats docked at Lahaina Harbor on Maui’s west side get daily views of the pronounced West Maui Mountains seen in the background, edged by palm trees and blue skies.

The harbor is home for about 100 boats with its moorings and berths. The wind and shallow waters just outside the harbor have been known to be difficult at times, making Lahaina Harbor a welcome sight for many.

Many of the boats kept here serve as snorkel, dive, and sunset cruise vessels, showing off the ‘au’au channel’s beauty and life to those who come aboard.

Purple Maui Sunset, ‘Au’au Channel

Lahaina Sunset Maui

As the sun sinks behind Lana’i and into the Pacific, the sky fires to life with purple and pink hues radiating from the horizon. Through silhouetted palm and plumeria trees on Maui’s Lahaina coast, the now calming ocean reflects the pink above after a day of winds… read more