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Ke'e Beach Trees, Kauai

Ke’e Beach Trees, Kauai

Kauai’s Ke’e Beach makes many “10 best beaches” lists for its beautiful sand, sunsets, ocean, and lush valley. We agree. But we also think there’s even more to it than that. As people gaze out toward the horizon, the tall trees with outstretched arms surrounding the beach are often overlooked.

From the Photographer:

“While I was waiting for the sun to go down at Ke’e Beach on Kaua’i, I snapped this before I had to hustle into position to get the sunset. Nothing spectacular, but I couldn’t resist the evening light on the interesting trees.”

These trees sit behind the beach at the end of the road on Kauai’s North Shore. Between Limahuli Stream and the Na Pali Coast, Ke’e’s tropical forest is filled with ironwood trees, coconut palms, ti, guava, and more. So don’t forget to occasionally look uphill and notice the unnoticed.

You can check out the more typical, ocean view of Ke’e Beach at sunset or Ke’e Beach bay.