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Upcountry Maui

Upcountry, Maui

Known as, “Upcountry Maui,” the area above Kahului, Kihei, and Paia Hawaii offers a refreshingly different atmosphere from the beaches and heat on the coasts. Instead, Upcountry Maui is cool and breezy, filled with fields of lavender, evergreen trees, livestock, and long stone walls like this one.

From the Photographer:

“I’m thankful for Maui’s Up Country”

For residents and visitors alike the cooler temperatures and more moderate rainfalls (not too much, not too little) are well appreciated. Growing plants can be easier here than in drier spots like Kihei. At the same time, days are sunnier than heavy rainfall areas like Hana.

The upcountry has become home to several small towns filled with unique shops and friendly people.