Anaehoomalu Pond

Anaehoomalu Sunset Pond

Anaeho’omalu Bay is a gorgeous cove of beach found on the northwestern side of Hawaii’s Big Island near Puako. A small, historic Hawaiian fish pond named Ku’uali’i sits just in front of the ocean, held secure by a small strip of land separating the pond and the sea.

Because of it’s close proximity to ocean, the pond is brackish–part salt water, part fresh. The fish living in the pond have learned to adapt and thrive in this environment.

In traditional Hawaii times, these ponds were used as a sort of refrigerator to keep fresh fish available for the ruling class (ali’i). Depending on the pond, the fish may be off limits to anyone but royalty.

The pond makes for fantastic ocean sunsets as it frames the foreground with water looking toward the colorful clouded horizon.

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