Big Island Surf Sunrise

Aloha Kakahiaka, Nani

Good morning, beautiful…here’s to getting up early to live a little. Surfers make their way to the entry spot as they are greeted by a Big Island sunrise in lush surroundings. We hope that you have the chance to discover your favorite spot, grab your board, and greet the sun in Hawaii.

Shots like this are further proof that humans are simply drawn to walking barefoot on the beach, getting your toes wet, and having an adventure. Some are even talented enough to do it while beautifully capturing the moment.

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About Sarah Lee Photography

"From Kona on the Big Island of Hawai’i, I am incessantly glued to camera viewfinders, dafins, and the sea. My aim in making photos is to capture and accentuate the beauty in what surrounds me. Photography to me is a mode of visual problem solving and a way to perpetuate the stoke, whether it be above the surface or below. At the moment, I am located somewhere in Hawai’i." Check out Sarah's work on Facebook and also at