Haleakala To Mauna Kea

Mountain to Mountain

Looking over the red sand and gray rim of Haleakala on the summit of Maui, the snow-covered summit of Hawaii’s Big Island, Mauna Kea can be seen in the distance peaking above the clouds.

Haleakala tops out at just of 10,000 feet. It gets snow occasionally, but is better known for its bright red cinder cones, silversword plants, and spectacular sunrises.

Mauna Kea tops out at nearly 14,000 feet. It gets snow most winters and sees accumulation for months at a time. It is known for unbelievable star-gazing and being home to some of the world’s best observatories.

On clear days like this, one can see from island to island, peak to peak, which is about 80 miles in a straight line across the Pacific.

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