Honolulu Skyline at Sunset

The Honolulu skyline of hotels and businesses shines brightly from the Waikiki Beach at sunset on the island of Oahu.

Hundreds of people walk across this beach each day. When the sun dips into the Pacific though, beach-goers disappear into the amenities of the city to enjoy its nightlife.

The lights of the buildings here shine out to sea and into the sky, acting as a way-point for many small craft nearby and airline passengers above.

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One comment on “Honolulu Skyline at Sunset

  1. Me and my first wife went here on our HoneyMoon in Feb. 1988 or 27-years ago! Time goes by so fast! I was only 28-years old back then and now the ripe old age of 54-years old! We also had the opportunity to spend 10-days in Bermuda about 5-months before this tripe! I started my career as a stockbroker in October of 1984 and my firm I worked with at the time, took the Top 10% of the broker’s to Bermuda! Did not realize how well I had it at the time! Moral of the story; When good things happen to you in life knowing you are Blessed By It! Time to take note is while it is happening, not 27-years later! Time gives us great Wisdom for when we are young we have very little due to lack of time-experience! THANKS! Len R. Holliday(Lead Forecaster With StormyWeatherService.wordpress.com).