Hawaiian Gold Dust Day Gecko

Hawaiian Orange-Spotted Day Gecko

Hawaiian Gold Dust Day Gecko

The Hawaiian orange-spotted day gecko is a common site on the islands. These playful, attractive lizards adorn trees, railings, buildings, and even indoor walls and ceilings.

Actually from Madagascar, these introduced species (Phelsuma laticauda laticauda) is also called the Gold Dust Day Gecko.

The day gecko is unique because it is active mostly during, well, the day. Another interesting feature, perhaps lending to their daytime activity, day gecko’s have no eyelids.

Their main diet being insects, day geckos are generally well-tolerated, if not enjoyed, on the islands for the contribution to fewer pests.

The Hawaiian word for a gecko is Mo’o’ala, which is very similar to Hawaiian for lizard, Mo’o.

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